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How to get free chips from latest teen patti ?

latest teen patti game

Somethings can’t be replaced ever from our lives. Yes, due to modern technologies, style of keeping them in our lives has changed but we can’t permanently erase them yes, we are talking about the most trending and lovable game,  Latest teen patti and of course we are talking about card games. The card game is a traditional game which has been gifted by our forefathers but with time experts has bought them online and on devices so the existence of game and interest of today’s generation be it for forever. So it is trending online as Teen Patti Poker Game.

But now rules have also changed a lit bit earlier people use to play it with money but now you need chips (Points) instead of money you have to bet on it. So if you also addicted to this game so download now Latest Teen Patti game on your mobile phones and get free chips and enjoy the game.

indian poker game

Latest Teen Patti

Latest Teen Patti Game( LTP) is a free card game which you can play with multiplayer at anytime and anywhere with your bonus points.  it is India’s most popular and entertaining game. Latest Teen Patti has drawn the attention of gamers, it will take you directly to the casino.

Here we bought some tips for you how to get Unlimited Free chips in latest Teen Patti as, without chips, you won’t be able to sit on the table so here are some easy tricks.

latest teen patti game

Daily Bonus: In every four hours you will be able to refill your account and will get bonus point, on your screen there will be the button which is known as Daily Bonus, through which you will be capable to earn 3000 chips by clicking on it as soon as you will click it the amount will be filled in your account.

latest teen patti game

Watching Video: This is really an easy way to earn 10 thousand points, Have you ever notice sometimes videos use to play on our screen and we use to skip them but can you believe it can provide you 10 thousand points. Yes on the right side of your screen there is an option of play so by clicking on it and if you will see the whole video so your account will be credited with 10 Thousand points. It is really easy and simple trick.

latest teen patti

Free Chips: So are you still looking to get more choice so it is a time to test your close ones yes we right by inviting them on the app via different platforms through Facebook, message, Whats App etc and if they will download it, so your account will immediately credit with 50 thousand bonus point.

So, here are the simple and easy tricks to credit your account with bonus point and chips so apply them and enjoy the game for a long period these are so so easy tricks as you will be not depended on anyone. So if you haven’t download the app so download it today only.

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