teen patti game

What is VIP Club in Latest Teen Patti Game?

teen patti game

Before starting about VIP CLUB let us give you a short description about LTP, it is a Latest Teen Patti game which you can play anywhere and anytime, it is a card gambling game and works as a casino you can play it with multiplayer and in different variations.
Latest Teen Patti game has various options you can play it with different users and in a different way, you can play as a blind contestant and as a seen player also. There are various options to play and on a different table like Open Table, play now, private table, variations, joker etc a person can never get bored only you need is chips or bonus points.

There are different ways to earn chips, you can get free chips as well as you can buy chips, you can get free chips by three ways by inviting your friends, watching the video or there is an option which will credit your account in 20 minutes so are various ways.
If you wish to purchase chips so for this also you have different options among them one is VIP CLUB and today we are going to introduce it. VIP Club is for our VIP members who use to bet in a large amount who have confidence on their betting but as we know it is a game of luck so if you have lost all your bonus point so you can purchase the chips so let us explore the plans

We have divided the plan into three parts respectively, so VIP members can fulfill their desire

  1. Silver Package
  2. Gold Package
  3. Platinum Package

Let’s us know about this in detail:

  • Silver Package:

In this category again we have three option in Rs 500 a buyer can purchase the chips for a month for Rs 2800 valid for six months and year chips will cost for 5000 Rs. Coin limit will be 20, that means you will get chips in 20 digit.

  • Gold Package:

In this category player can buy chips for Rs 800 for a month, Rs 3700 chips are valid for 6 months and in Rs 8000 it is valid for a year. Coin limit is 21, that means you will get chips in 21 digit.

  • Platinum Package:

In this you can buy for Rs 1000 for a month for six-month validity you have to pay Rs 4600 and for a year you have to pay 10000. Coin limit is 22, that means your wallet will credited by 22 digit.

So at the end we want to convey that it works as a Indian Poker game which is trending online so try your luck on Latest Teen Patti Game in above article, we have suggested you the various plan, if you have decided your plan according to your desire so you can pay us on +91-7821055542 and your account will be credited immediately and you can further enjoy the game. For any help you can contact us on our website ……… or you can …. As we believe in satisfaction of our customers.






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